Welcome To The Brew Review!

Are you sick of an internet filled with blogs dedicated to reviewing the things you love most? Sick of some guy you don’t know and probably wouldn’t like judging something you find near and dear to your heart? You just want to browse the web and find accurate information based strictly on facts that hold no bias whatsoever? Keep looking, this shit isn’t for you.

The Brew Review is another review blog dedicated to reviewing breweries, news and their events– mostly around CT. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “why should I bother reading another blog?” and the answer is that this one is written from a fellow degenerate. I can barely even figure out how to run this site sober, never mind after a few flights. This nonsense is running on hopes, dreams, and the lack of anything better going on at the moment. I’m not some 21 year old hipster dude ready to experiment with his bros under the cover of night or taste the latest and greatest IPA just to make small talk at the next local pop punk concert. In fact, we hate those people. We wish they’d stop showing up at our breweries and ruining everything we love. For us, it’s beer first, blog second.

The blog is mostly going to review breweries themselves. There are far too many individual beers to review each and everyone, though I will make mention of beers that stick out to me. Maybe eventually, if I don’t give up on this project immediately, we’ll be able to cover it all. Perhaps someday we can expand into other beer related topics and have more contributors, but for now, this is as good as it gets.

You opinions and comments mean a lot to me, but only if they agree with everything I’ve said. Otherwise, go drink another beer and start your own blog, ya pisser.